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About Me

Few Words

I have always loved comics and cartoons and, as well, I love drawing and paint since
I was a child.
On July 2013 I completed a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages after studying at the
University of Palermo, with a thesis on translation techniques in French comics.
So I decided to attend a school to learn more about comics and illustrations and on
October 2017, I got my master’s degree at Grafimated Cartoon art school based in Palermo.
I’ve been working as Illustrator and professional digital colorist in the comics field since 2017.
I use colors to communicate emotions, to give three-dimensionality, lightness, and a new
identity to the work.
Using my solid knowledge in comic book design and illustration, together with continuous
research and experimentation of the colors I always make high quality works respecting
I’ve worked with:
Hachette, Egmont Publishing, RW Lion, 001 Edizioni, Edizioni Leima, Scuola del fumetto di
Palermo-Grafimated, Agrusa Glass Design.
Ornella Centineo